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EVOLUSHON is a Southeastern base Cover Band that is consists of talented musicians and singers that plays Old School to New School Music,

Motown Sounds, The Philly Sound, DC Go Go Sound, Blues, Pop, Reggae, Latin, Standard Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Country, Pop, R&B, Rock & Roll, and The  Funk!

Evolushon is all about playing your favorite songs to fit whatever occasion you are celebrating. Music is very powerful and can trigger great memories from the past, while also producing an ambience to create new great memories for the future.

One of our trademarks, is that we strive to sound just like the original artist. You fell in love with your favorite songs, just as the original artist performed them. Some bands say they are ‘putting their own spin’ on an already perfectly made song…and it becomes unrecognizable.  You shouldn’t have to rack your brain to try and figure what song a band is playing.   

Evolushon focuses on playing your favorite songs the right way.  We have also spent countless hours creating brand new original music to elevate your mind, heart, and soul to Evolve you to become your best Self and to live your best life!

So from us to you…

Keep Evolving with Evolushon and shine your Light of Love 


(We will also accommodate Special Requests in Advance)

Our job is to Evolve your event to become the most unforgettable experience ever!  

Why?  Because you deserve it and nothing Less!

Our Original Music is Urban, Soul, R&B, and contemporary Jazz with a message of Love and Hope. 

It's different, Uplifting with lots of Energy!  It's has a Funky Cosmic Global Groove to evolve you into the next century. 

Built upon high traditional standards and can be Purchased Online or at our Live Shows! 



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